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Bloodhounds Season 2 Release Date And Has Netflix Renewed It?

Do you love watching K-dramas on Netflix? Well if you are fond of watching Korean Dramas, you must have watched the Bloodhounds series. The South Korean Netflix Original thriller was a super hit which led to fans asking for Bloodhounds season 2 release date and renewal.

So is there any official information about the second season of Bloodhounds? Let’s discuss everything in detail from renewal to release date and other important things.

Introduction About Bloodhounds

This South Korean thriller series is about the story of two young professional boxers who work with a generous moneylender to fight against a brutal loan shark who traps and preys on people seeking financial help. Bloodhounds season 1 released on Netflix on June 9, 2023, starring Woo Do-hwan, Lee Sang-yi, Park Sung-woong, and Huh Joon-ho.

The storyline of the series was completed in season 1 and nothing was left behind, however, fans are still asking will there be a season 2 of Bloodhounds or not.

Bloodhounds Season 2 Renewal Status

Unfortunately, as of now, Netflix has not renewed Bloodhounds Kdrama Season 2. The first season of the series got good viewership, reviews and ratings from the fans. Netflix will take some time to review and monitor the performance of the first season and may come up with good news for season 2 in the future.

Bloodhounds season 2 release date and renewal
Source: Netflix

Nothing was left to reveal in the past season and the boys finally took the revenge from the loan shark. Chances are that season 2 will come up with a different storyline. What do you guys think? 

Bloodhounds Season 2 Release Date On Netflix

Till now, there is no official confirmation on the happening of Bloodhounds Netflix season 2, so no release date is yet revealed. We are positively hoping for the renewal of the second season and we expect Bloodhounds season 2 release date will be late 2025. 

The show’s performance will decide the fate, and Netflix will soon come up with some great news. The production and filming will take some time, so expecting a 2025 release is obvious.

Season 2 Of Bloodhounds Series Will Come Up With A New Angle

Yes, it is reported by many publications that season 2 will have a different storyline or new angles. Nothing has been yet officially confirmed by Netflix or by the makers. Fans have to wait for the second season till 2025. We will update this when any confirmation about Bloodhounds Netflix season 2 comes up. 


Q. Will there be a season 2 of Bloodhounds?

Yes, there will be a season 2 of Netflix Bloodhounds, but as of now, we don’t have any official confirmation from Netflix. The renewal news will be soon out.

Q. Is Bloodhounds worth watching?

The storyline of this thriller South Korean series is amazing and worth watching. Every episode captivates the viewers and brings new angles and twists.

Q. What Is Bloodhounds Season 2 Release Date? 

No release date is confirmed for the second season but we expect Bloodhounds season 2 will release in 2025.



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