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Venom 3 New Release Date And Official Title

Are you the one eagerly waiting for Venom 3, well if you are then here’s some good news for you. Tom Hardy’s upcoming movie got an official title and an early release date. Yes, this is confirmed that the third part of this Marvel movie, Venom will be called- Venom: The Last Dance.

Do you know that Venom will also be the first franchise in Sony’s Spider-Man Universe to complete a Trilogy? Let’s dive into the details of Venom 3 release date and other major details.

Venom 3 Release Date:

Good news for all the fans waiting for the third part of Venom movie, a new release date is revealed by the makers. First, it was announced that the third part will be released on November 8 but the new Venom 3 release date is October 25. We will soon get the first trailer of the movie.

As per reports from Screen Rant, the movie is still under production. Did you know that the highly anticipated film, which was supposed to hit the screens this June, had to pause its production last year? It’s true! But don’t worry, its’ confirmed that the movie will be released in the theaters in October.

Venom 3 October release date and Venom: The Last Dance.
Source: Yahoo

Venom: The Last Dance- Title Of The Venom 3

The official title of the Venom 3 movie hints that it will be the last installment of this movie franchise. However, it is not confirmed by the makers. Venom: The Last Dance cast will include Tom Hardy, Juno Temple, and Chiwetel Ejiofor.

We can also expect that the storyline of the third part will be picked from Spider-Man: No Way Home movie. What do you guys think, will the movie be worth watching or not? 



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