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Pulkit Samrat Kriti Kharbanda Wedding Theme, Invitation And Date

The wedding of Pulkit Samrat and Kriti Kharbanda will be an elaborate affair, and the theme has been chosen to reflect the couple’s love story. The theme and wedding invitation, symbolize the beauty and diversity of their relationship. From vibrant hues to elegant pastels, every element of the venue will embody this theme.

Pulkit Samrat Kriti Kharbanda Wedding Invitation

A sneak peek of Kriti Kharbanda and Pulkit Samrat’s ‘Save The Date’ wedding invitation card has been seen online before their rumored March wedding. The invitation shows a nice picture of Kriti Kharbanda and Pulkit Samrat enjoying a calm time at their beach house with their pets. The message on the invite said, “We can’t wait to celebrate with our friends.  


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When Is Pulkit Samrat And Kriti Kharbanda Wedding 

It is reported that their pre­-wedding activities will start on March 13 with the we­dding happening on March 15. If you are a fan of them, you must be excited for their wedding.

Pulkit Samrat and Kriti Kharbanda first met while working on their movie “Veerey Ki Wedding” and they got along well right away. The two actors were often seen together at different events and their social media posts showed they had a close friendship. 

Pulkit Samrat Kriti Kharbanda Wedding Theme And Invitation
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Over time, their relationship grew stronger, and they publicly showed they were a couple at events. Lately, Pulkit and Kriti made news saying they would get married, showing they want to be together through a beautiful ceremony with family and friends. Their love story has won the hearts of many fans and continues to be something people admire and find inspiring in Indian cinema.

The social media buzz surrounding the upcoming wedding of Anant Ambani has been nothing short of extraordinary. From Instagram to Twitter, fans and followers have been eagerly sharing and discussing every detail of the event. Influencers and celebrities have also been chiming in, adding to the excitement and anticipation.



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