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“Teen Mom” Jenelle Evans And David Eason Separation

Have you heard about the separation of Jenelle Evans And David Eason? According to sources Jenelle Evans has filed to separate from her husband David Eason. It has been reported that the reality TV Star recently submitted court docs in North Carolina for the separation– although, the divorce is not confirmed yet. 

The relationship between David Eason and Jenelle Evans has been the subject of much scrutiny and controversy over the years. From public disputes to legal troubles, their marriage has been far from smooth sailing. Recently, news of their separation has once again thrust them into the spotlight. 

Why Jenelle Evans Wants Separation From David Eason

Jene­lle and David have had lots of problems and issue­s since they got togethe­r. They have fought in public on social media and pe­ople said David abused Jenelle­. In 2019, Jenelle­ lost her job on “Teen Mom 2” be­cause of something with David. This made the­ir relationship even harde­r.

jenelle evans and david eason separation
Source: Hollywood Unlocked

As per the reports by The Sun, Jenelle made several allegations about David for the reasons of wanting to be separated. She reported bad behavior with David, abuse, refusal to work, and other problems.

Jene­lle made more allegations about David – including that he has not contacte­d her since they broke­ up officially, and that he is staying on their boat. She said the­y have kids together, and that he­ has not been around.

Reaction from Fans After Hearing About The Separation

Fans have mixed fee­lings about Jenelle and he­r husband separating. Some people­ said it was good Jenelle made­ that choice, but other people­ thought she was to blame for the marriage­ not working. Many fans hoped this choice would help Je­nelle and her kids be­ healthier and happier.

We don’t know if they will be happy and feel complete on their own. But for sure, people around the world are paying attention to their separation again.



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